The Book

ISBN: 978-0-9939393-0-3

Edited by Mark C. Durfee

Cover by Steve Santiago

Stock image of framed mountain landscape by Slava Gerj

So what’s in this book?

Several things… all dealing with the fantastic…

But what is the fantastic?

This is one definition  from The Fantastic: A Structural Approach to a Literary Genre (1975) by Tzvetan Todorov:

"In a world which is indeed our world, the one we know...there occurs an event which cannot be explained by the laws of this same familiar world. The person who experiences the event must opt for one of two possible solutions:  either he is the victim of an illusion of the senses, of a product of the imagination-- and the laws of the world then remain what they are; or else the event has indeed taken place, it is an integral part of reality--but then this reality is controlled by laws unknown to us (p. 25)."

Thus, there are mirrors and what’s been caught in them… there are happenings that might involve ghosts… there is hunger of various kinds… there are things that come out of the sea or down from the cold Cosmos… and more…

Take a Look Inside to see the beginning of the first story or read the story on the Excerpt page.

The book is available only in paperback for now. Electronic editions will be coming out sometime in late summer or autumn of 2015.