The Author

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Cora Pop. I live in Montreal, Canada.

I love all animals, and the sea, and I’m fascinated by the extreme geographies of our planet: the frozen places in the North and in the South. Also by the Cosmos...

I’ve been writing stories probably ever since I’ve learned to write. I’ve been imagining them long before that.

These wanderings on darker shores have happened over several years (they’re still happening...)  but I decided to gather these in this volume and send them out in the world. My little paper boats floating on the seas of other people’s minds, hopefully touching their hearts...

Presently I’m working on a novel about a girl from the Moon who falls in love with a boy from Earth – only everyone on Earth has been dead for a century...

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This is me in my favourite city in the world, New York City.